How To Finally Free Yourself From That Crippling Life Sucking Anxiety: Develop Adaptive Brain Resilience

I know you're in a rush to get away from that anxiety living hell...

...yet before we get to what adaptive brain resilience is, and how to achieve it...

Remember that as we've covered in the "Am I suffering from Anxiety?" article here:
When your brain is not balanced properly in how it functions,
and it runs primarily from the reactive part of your brain...'re more emotional, out of control, and reacting to things, more than anything else.

It also shuts down access to other important parts of the brain that help us think,
adapt and not just overly react, when there's just 
no reason for it.

Instead of thinking and functioning normally, you're just reacting with emotions.
Which usually makes the problem worse.

So you're stuck in this reactive loop you can't seem to be able to get out of.

So what needs to happen to Finally free
Yourself from Anxiety?

Fancy Pants answer:

You need to develop "adaptive brain resilience" by making your brain more "fluid".

In doing so you develop what I call a "resilient fluid brain".

That resilient fluid brain allows you to be able to deal with anything
that life throws at you, and not experience anxiety out of the blue, when there's 
just no reason for it.

Adaptive Brain Resilience is the process of getting your brain to be much more resilient,
through making it it more adaptive and able to access more of its resources. 

When you make your brain more flexible and adaptive, you can face whatever challenges life throws at you without going into full anxiety mode. And if you experience a stressful event, your brain can recover and bounce back much faster and much more easily. So you can easily keep going, thrive and enjoy life fully. Finally!

Basically, your brain needs to function more in balance.

No longer predominantly functioning from the reactive part of your brain, which is what
caused your anxiety issues in the first place...

... but in balance with the creative adaptive part of your brain.

What is the creative adaptive part of the brain?

The creative adaptive part of your brain is what makes you think, create, and adapt to things, rather than just reacting emotionally.
It is KEY to your anxiety freedom.

It is what gets you back to "normal", makes you more resilient, and no longer experience
anxiety out of the blue, 
when there's just no reason for it.

So The solution to anxiety freedom is to retrain your brain to regain access to and
balance both, the reactive part of the brain, with the creative adaptive part of the brain. 

Achieving that resilient fluid brain we're aiming for.

That is KEY!

Without this you will NEVER be really free from this debilitating anxiety,
no matter what else you do or try.

You may get "some" temporary relief from some other "tips and tricks"...

... but unless you fix the root cause of your anxiety, you will never be really free.

You will keep being highly reactive and anxious, by having your brain still operating
too much from 
the reactive part of your brain.

I Repeat...

 "The latest neuroscience research says that your anxiety root cause is your
 out-of-balance brain running too heavily from the reactive part of your brain.

 And that the solution is to have the reactive part of your 
 brain run more in balance with the creative adaptive part of your brain."

So ANY form of anxiety help that doesn't involve balancing your brain with the
creative adaptive part of your brain is just a useless band aid!

Picture this...

I want you to imagine your brain running properly, with Adaptive Brain Resilience,
as a car with a steering wheel...

If you had a car without a steering wheel, It could go forward, but you would have 
no control as to where it would be heading.

Its direction would be dictated by, and provoked by outside forces, like the terrain
elevations and obstacles in its way. 

Only a steering wheel would give it any control.

That's kind of like how your brain is when it gets stuck in an out-of-control emotional roller coaster of anxiety, and it doesn't have proper access its own steering wheel: its adaptive resources.

It just goes on and on without much any control, and simply react to what
the environment throws at it.

But just like you want a car with a steering wheel, so it can adapt to the environment and react
in proper ways... You want to do the same thing with your brain:

The adaptive resources of your brain are its steering wheel - which allows you to not constantly hit walls, to not simply be affected by and react to outside forces... and instead adapt to the environment and react in proper ways. So you can thrive and go exactly in the direction you want to. 

 So Bottom Line: Make sure that WHICHEVER anxiety treatment you choose, that it   is focused on increasing/developing the adaptive brain resilience of your brain.

Otherwise your wasting your money, and more importantly, the precious time
of this one life you will ever have, and never EVER get back...

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the most cutting edge personal development tools developed by little known pioneers...

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